Lesson policy
For those who wish to take lessons, please apply from the application form.

The lesson is accepted until PM 11 o’clock two days ago.
If you are in a hurry please contact the facebook directly.

Groups with a maximum of 4 people will be in Nakazakicho class in Kita Ward, Osaka City.
Groups with 5 to 8 people will be in Nakazakicho classroom or Honmachi classroom.

Payment should be made within one week after application. We refuse cancellation after payment.
If canceled for any reason, a cancellation fee will be generated from one week before the trial day.
1 week before: 10% of the price, 3 days ago: 50% of the price, 2 days before to the day: 100% will take.
In the case of refund, we will return the amount subtracted the transfer fee.